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Flatbed towing is considered to be one of the most secured ways to transport a vehicle. Since your vehicle will be towed by riding on the flatbed truck, there is no chance of turning around the vehicle’s wheels. Therefore, there is no chance of exposing to wear and tear of your tires and other parts.

Breakdowns can happen anywhere, anytime. If your vehicle is blocking traffic and cannot be pushed to the side of the road safely, give us a call and we can help.

Other than towing the vehicle, we can also help you unlock your car. It gives us immense satisfaction to know that we have been able to help you. There’s no need to break open the glass. There are techniques that professionals can use who are trained for the purpose. They do not damage the car or take long time unless the work is complicated.

If the vehicle has run out of gas and there’s no gas station nearby, we will deliver some amount of emergency gas to get it started and on your way. If you need a flatbed truck, let us know.

A wreck can be more serious than you think. Depending on the severity of your wreck, it is always recommended that you see a physician. As far as your vehicle is concerned, give us a call and we will assess your situation and safely remove your car from the scene of the accident.

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