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Energizing Interstate 5: Recovering a Trailer Full of Energy Drinks

Interstate 5 Towing – From Chaos to Cleanup

When Oregon State Police calls, we’re always happy to assist. They needed our expertise for a non-preference call involving a rollover accident one mile south of the Glendale, Oregon, offramp on Interstate 5 (northbound). Upon arrival, we found a scene that demanded our immediate attention: a tractor-trailer had rolled over, and the tractor had caught fire. The cargo? A trailer fully loaded with energy drinks.

Interstate 5 Towing

Quick Action on the Scene

The Oregon State Police, Oregon Department of Forestry  FD, and the Rural Metro FD had already arrived at the scene. We knew we had to work hand-in-glove with the authorities. Our team of 10 sprang into action, prepared for a long day ahead. The task was monumental: the trailer needed to be unloaded by hand before we could even begin thinking about recovery.

The Cleanup

With precision and teamwork, we manually unloaded the trailer. Next came the task of righting the trailer and transporting it, along with the remains of the burned tractor, back to our yard. The cleanup required us to winch the remains to the road, load them onto our Landoll, and dispose of the remaining loose material and debris. After 14 hours of hard work, the site was cleared, and the road was again safe for travelers. Wow, what a day…

Goodfellas Interstate 5 Towing

Burnt But Not Beaten: Interstate 5 Towing Company Tackles Tractor-Trailer Blaze

Whenever the Oregon State Police reach out, we at Goodfellas Towing are always ready to act, especially for Interstate 5 towing needs. This time, it was for a rollover accident just one mile south of the Glendale, Oregon, offramp on Interstate 5 (northbound). The scene we encountered was urgent: a tractor-trailer, engulfed in flames after rolling over, needed our immediate attention, its trailer loaded with energy drinks.

Working With the Authorities

As we arrived, working alongside the Oregon State Police, ODF Fire, and Rural Metro FD became our priority. Our experienced team, accustomed to the demands of Interstate 5 towing, prepared for an intensive recovery operation. The challenge was clear from the start: unload the trailer by hand to initiate recovery.

The 14-hour Cleanup

Our Interstate 5 towing team successfully unloaded the energy drinks, demonstrating exceptional skill and coordination. We then started to right and transport the trailer and the charred remains of the tractor to our facility. This phase involved winching the wreckage onto our Landoll for transport and ensuring all loose material and debris were also cleared away. We completed this Interstate 5 towing job within 14 hours. Our team was proud to have secured the site and restored safety to Interstate 5.

This operation was tricky. Our operators did a really good job providing top-tier Interstate 5 towing services. 

Goodfellas Interstate 5 Towing Saves the Day

At Goodfellas Towing, ensuring the safety of our roads and the well-being of those who travel on them is our priority. We’re a trusted partner for all Interstate 5 towing needs. Our team’s expertise, coupled with our state-of-the-art equipment, allows us to handle even the most daunting tasks. Whether it’s a rollover accident, a distressed vehicle, or a complex recovery operation. We’re committed to providing the highest level of service and safety. Trust Goodfellas Towing for reliable Interstate 5 towing and recovery services in Oregon to get the job done.

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