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Semi Towing Company Assists Truck Driver off I-5

Salmon-Filled Trailer Recovered by Local Semi Towing Company 

When the going gets tough on the roads for truck drivers, there’s one semi towing company that stands out—Goodfellas Towing. Recently, they extended their helping hand to a driver in Hugo, OR, who was in need. The driver, located near mile marker 66 on Interstate 5,  faced with an unexpected predicament. He quickly realized that professional roadside assistance from a reliable semi towing company was the solution.

The dispatcher at Goodfellas Towing gathered all the essential information before deploying their skilled team. The driver explained how he had unintentionally veered off the road, landing his vehicle in an inconvenient ditch. Loaded to the brim with frozen salmon, his journey from California to Tacoma, Washington hit a snag.

Responding swiftly to the call, the semi towing company dispatched a team of four experts equipped with the necessary arsenal—a robust 50-ton wrecker, a dependable 35-ton wrecker, and a nimble 12-ton wrecker. As the team arrived at the scene, they were met with the relieved driver and the reassuring presence of the Oregon Department of Transportation.

With a meticulous assessment of the situation, the skilled Goodfellas Towing crew wasted no time in springing into action. Through their collective efforts and skill, Goodfellas Towing liberated the stranded vehicle from the clutches of the unforgiving ditch. 

In a display of professionalism and expertise, the emergency towing team orchestrated a seamless recovery that would make any driver breathe a sigh of relief. Thanks to the use of all three wreckers, the frozen salmon had no need to be unloaded, nor was any of the fishy cargo lost. The entire recovery took the Goodfellas team 5 hours to complete. Hats off to the dedicated team! 

Details of Salmon-Filled Trailer Recovered by Local Semi Towing Company 

Semi towing company, Goodfellas Towing, recently assisted a customer in Hugo, OR. The customer was located off Interstate 5, near mile marker 66. After finding himself in a pickle the driver realized he needed professional roadside assistance from a semi towing company. 

The semi towing company dispatcher asked for all the details of the incident before dispatching a semi towing company team. The driver explained that he had driven off the road and into the ditch on the side of the road. His fully loaded trailer was carrying frozen and was headed to Tacoma, Washington from California. 

The semi towing company immediately dispatched a team of 4, along with the necessary equipment that included a 50 ton wrecker, 35 ton wrecker, and 12 ton wrecker. Once the semi towing company team members arrived on the scene, they assessed the situation and got to work. They were met at the scene with the driver and the Oregon Department of Transportation.

First, the semi towing company crew hooked the 12 ton wrecker to the front of the tractor. Then, they hooked to the drive axle and a high line wrap on the trailer to the 50 ton wrecker. The 35 ton wrecker was hooked to the rear of the trailer. 

The entire recovery took the semi towing company 5 hours from port to port to complete. 

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